Johan W

Lead Architect

48 years, based in Stockholm

Johan’s career began after completing his studies at KTH in 1997 and it was during his studies Johan´s interest in internet began. His first job after graduating was with a consulting company where he worked with web development. After that, Johan has had a number of jobs in the role of developer and architect with a focus on web development. For the last three years before before joining Quickbit Johan was a self-employed consultant. In addition to Johan probably being the best at bowling on Quickbit, he has also lectured on blockchain.

What does a Lead Architect do at Quickbit?

In the role of lead architect, I work as a coach / mentor for the development teams in order to secure that they all strive in the same direction. I design how the technical decisions are to be made together with product owners to ensure that Quickbit builds scalable and sustainable solutions.

What made you choose Quickbit as your new employer?

I’m interested in the technology behind cryptocurrencies, which is blockchain. I was part of the internet wave that started in the mid-90s and now I see a new technology wave that will probably be as revolutionary as the internet. I believe blockchain will change business models for many industries and also the way we look at digital assets. I just want to be in a place where I am at the forefront and part of this positive change.

What are your other interests?

Family, garden, travel and cooking. And of course blockchain and cryptocurrencies…

Tell us something about you that few people know.

I used to play bowling for 14 years and my personal best is 299 points (editor’s note; 300 is the maximum score).

Four quick questions

What podcasts do you listen to?

Some different crypto pods and pods covering macroeconomics. They are connected, crypto has given me an interest in macroeconomics.

If you invite me to a homemade dinner, what would you cook?

Grilled lamb shanks, mashed potatoes and a tzatziki. We would be drinking Ripasso to that.

If you were to choose a superpower, what would it be?

Being able to pause time so you have time to do everything you want but don´t have time to do otherwise.

If you could go to a place you hadn´t been to before, where would it be?Easy. Great Barrier Reef. Snorkeling in coral reefs is among the best things I know.