Android Developer

23 years, based in Stockholm

Magnus is the youngest employee at Quickbit and started working as an app developer already out of high school. His first job was at a startup company that sold a type of bracelet phone for kids. Magnus developed the app that belonged to the watch for Android. Then Magnus started at Expressen to work with their app and via Expressen, he moved on to Quickbit together with two colleagues. He has been at Quickbit since May 2019.

What does your role mean?

I work with other developers and designers on various projects. A great part of my day is spent on programming, so there is a lot of sitting and staring at a screen during the days. It also requires collaboration with the other iOS developers and those developing the backend systems so that everything works in harmony. Of course, a lot is done together with designers too, so that everything we develop becomes useful and good looking.

Why did you go for Quickbit?

I was previously interested in the industry and saw this as an opportunity to work on something I think is fun and hopefully something for the future. It was also fun to get into the early stages of development at Quickbit and get involved in creating new things from the start.

What interests you, when you are not working?

I really like what I do during the days, programming, so sometimes it also fills my time in the evenings and weekends too. Once I get tired of the computer, I go to the gym, cook some good food at home or read a book that can teach me something new.

Tell something that few others know about you.

My absolute favourite food is chicken, which I eat at least six out of seven days a week.