Martin P

Backend developer

39 years, based in Stockholm

What have you done before joining QuickBit?

I studied at Karlstad University and have a master’s degree in computer science. After the University, I tried a few different things, including working with emulators for telecom and cloud services and apps for LED signs, you know the big signs you see at highways and shopping centers. I have also been a web developer for SJ for a period of time and other experiences include the Norwegian Mapping Authority where I worked with GPS systems for oil platforms and Chalmers University of Technology. My previous assignment before Quickbit was at Bofors where I focused on C ++ for combat vehicles.

What do you do in your role?

My days are spent programming in Python.

Why did you choose Quickbit?

Because of the obvious reason that I think cryptocurrency is here to stay.


Computer games, movies, music and character games.

Tell us something about you that few know

I have won the national championship in Sweden in American football.

A few quick questions to get to know Martin a bit more.

Tell us something fun about your hometown

The sun always shines hereā€¦

If you invited me to a homemade dinner, what would you cook?

Homemade pasta

If you had a superpower, what would it be?

Unstoppable kinetic energy

If you could go to a place you had not been to, where would you go?


Favorite TV series?

The Simpsons

Favorite team?

Carlstad Crusaders

If you get a chance to change jobs tomorrow to something completely different, what would you choose?

A job at NASA would be fun