Senior DevOps engineer

44 years, based in Stockholm

Nikesh was born and brought up in India but is now Swedish. He has 19+ years of work experience from the IT-industry. Nikesh has been developing desktop, web and mobile (iOS and Android) applications using various technologies and tools. For the last 4+ years he has been working with Cloud Solutions, DevOps and Infrastructure. Most recent experience was working as a Cloud Solution Architect at Ludvig & Co. Nikesh has so far worked in India, Czech Republic and Sweden within various industries, like banking and gaming. Previous employers include Betsson, Green Hat People, CreditInfo Solutions and Cycore. Nikesh have a bachelor’s degree in Economics from India.

What does a DevOps engineer do?

I work with Infrastructure on Cloud and DevOps Engineering Tools to make sure that the services and solutions hosted on cloud for QuickBit are highly available, secure and scalable. I help developers make their day to day life easier by providing the solutions and tools so they can develop solutions and services efficiently with shorter release cycles.

Why did you choose to work at QuickBit?

I believe it´s a young, dynamic, creative, fast-paced working place where every working day is a productive day. That’s why I like to work with startups.

What about hobbies? Do you have any?

Yes, quite a few actually. I like photography, watching movies and reading about leadership and latest technologies. I also love gardening, during summertime I grow vegetables in a small piece of land (Swedish Kolonilott).

Tell us something few people know about you.

In 2016, I drove from Legoland, Denmark to Stockholm, Sweden in less than 12 hours with only two breaks for a quick lunch and coffee. I covered a distance of more than 1000 km during these hours.