34 years, based in Stockholm

Serod is Quickbit’s CEO. Prior to that, he worked as a management consultant for six years at Deloitte. Then he was based in both New York and London. The focus was on customers in the banking and finance sector. But not only that. Serod also tested on the entrepreneurial world for three years when he started and ran an e-commerce business.

What does a CEO at Quickbit do?

As CEO, I formulate and convey the company’s overall business strategy and vision. I provide the organisation with the right resources to meet development, growth and business goals. The most important asset we have are employees and capital, these are balanced so that we can put the right people in the right job at the right time.

At the same time, I am building a corporate culture where conditions that benefit both employees and companies permeate everything we do. A culture where, as employees, you feel that you are challenged, contribute and constantly developed. This is because attitudes, values, goals and behaviours are simply the basis for the way we do things at Quickbit.

The absolute ultimate responsibility I have is to monitor the organisation on how things are going and to make sure that all business areas are progressing as planned. I try to stay very close to the core business to constantly understand how the organisation works, while being vigilant about what doesn’t seem to work. It is a constant effort to achieve the business goals of a company with such strong growth.

What made Quickbit your next step?

Basically, I have a great interest in cryptocurrency and fintech. To have the opportunity to join and build a company at such an early stage, creating the conditions for a broader adaptation of cryptocurrency globally is simply not something you reject. I get the opportunity to participate in developing products and solutions that facilitate the use of cryptocurrency in everyday life for users. It’s cool. And unique.

What interests do you have besides being the CEO?

When time permits, there will be basketball, golf, travel and a lot of cool dining experiences!

Tell something not many people know about you.

At an early age, I participated in various chess championships. I also participated in varpa tournaments on Gotland.