Simon A

Head of Finance

34 years, based in Stockholm

Simon comes most recently from SEB where he worked for nine years. At SEB he worked with financing, and market and company analysis of Nordic listed companies with a special focus on real estate companies.

What does a Head of Finance do at Quickbit?

In essence, I am responsible for Quickbit’s financial position. It includes responsibility from setting a long-term financial strategy that enables our continued growth journey, to improving conditions with our financial partners in order to strengthen our cash flow and profitability. If I provide my colleagues with the financial conditions necessary to continue to be innovative, to grow, to develop new profitable products and services that benefit our users and ultimately our shareholders, then I have done a good job.

What do you do when you’re not in the office?

The job occupies most of my time, but I always take the chance to play 5-man indoor football with friends. I also find it fun to challenge and track myself on the ski slope, highly recommend the Ski Tracks app for that.

Tell me something about you that not many people know.

I’m fascinated by airports. It happens that I stop by just to get a chance to wander around. It is impressive how well-organised the operation must be to make an airport work well. Then they manage to make one feel at home in an otherwise strange place.